January 21, 2018


What We Do

Attention Donors: Donate Now. Please help IPO which is now opening its campaign to Donors to help the Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian refugees including children to go to school to learn inside their camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Gaza Strip and also to help all the Refugees from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe to have the new sleeping bag which created by IPO and made in cooperation with a Chinese Company in China.
  1. Peace Builders: we are promotes peace around the world by cooperation with the United Nations and the United States by providing both sides in any conflict with a new ideas for a real peace plan utilizing our relationships with experts in country.Our peace initiatives are inclusive of the current civil war in Syria resulting in millions of misplaced refugees in country and neighboring countries, the Palestinian refugees situation, humanitarian issues in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Morocco (Western Sahara), and the continuing instability in Libya. We engage in dialogue with people around the world to assist in solving conflicts in the most efficacious and peaceful way.  
  2. Refugees Reveal: we are promote Humanitarian Aid to the Refugees; War has created many refugees over 11 million from Syria, Iraq, Palestine and others in Europe, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey without no help. The IPO Strives to help these Refugees overcome and makes the best of their current situations by providing them with a New Sleeping Bag created by the IPO to all of the Refugees these sleeping bag were made in cooperation with a Chinese Company in China which is water-proof and inflatable by mouth like an Air Mattress to protect the Refugees from natural element such as Mud, Rain, and Snow so to let them feel warm and dry. Also the New Sleeping Bag has an Anti-Mosquito net to protect the Refugees from insect-borne diseases.

  3. Advocacy School for the Refugees including Children, by open some schools for the Refugees in different Camps to let all the Refugees and children boys and girls to go to school to learn before the Train of education would leave them with out no future which is the result of more than 6 years of War in the Middle East.
  4. Health Care for the Refugees inside their camps : The International Peace Organization USA provides health care to the Refugees and their Children inside their camps by Vaccinated them against the poliomyelitis ( infantile paralysis ),  measles, cidofovir, diphtheria and the pneumonia. 
    At this time, IPO needs $17 million dollars in donation to makes the first million of the New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees. Each sleeping bag cost $17 USD
    We ask all Donors to Donate for the Cause to the International Peace Organization USA which is a Non-Profit Organization, (NGO) Non-Government Organization, based in Washington, D.C. USA, Tax Deductible under 501 (C) 3.

    Donation and memberships will be accepted from all over the World by Checks which you can  send it to our address in Washington, D.C. Or by ( PayPal ) company in USD or in your Currency in your country. ( please go to page Donate Now, Memberships- join Now ).               


Before: Syrian refugee children Aylan Al-Kurdi and his brother Ghalib in their home before their deadly journey in the sea to escape the war
After: Aylan Al-Kurdi, the Syrian refugee, drowned with his mother, Rehan, and brother, Ghalib. Aylan washed upon the shore after their boat sunk on Sept. 2, 2015
Young child cries because he is trapped by rubble in Gaza War 7/2014
A sister crying over her dead brother after attack in Gaza War 7/2014
Family home destroyed during conflict in Gaza War
Refugee food supply and support in Gaza War
Peaceful Israeli Demonstration against Gaza War July 26, 2014
Conflict impacts all sides in Israel and in Gaza War 7/2014
Afghan refugees sit outside their tent in Islamabad, Pakistan
A man and his child in the Central African remain at risk
School provides students from difficult Socio-Economic with help of your Donations
A Vigil against the Seige of Yarmouk Refugee Syrian Camp.
A Syrian refugee mother cries because she can't find enough water and soap to wash her disabled son inside the camp in Jordan
A Syrian refugee child cries because he does not have enough water and biscuits to eat in Jordan camp
A Syrian refugee boy cries because it is Cold and Snowing outside his Tent in Lebanon camp
A Syrian refugee girl cries because she lost her father, has a difficult life, and studies inside the camp in Jordan
A Syrian refugee mother and her boys, in Lebanon, cry because they lost the husband/father who was buried in this tomb. The family doesn't have food or water
A Syrian refugee girl on her own crying because she is hungry and thirsty and has lost her mother in Jordan camp
Two Syrian Children Refugees alone with Nowhere to go in Lebanon
A Syrian refugee boy crying for the loss of his Father in Turkey
The Catastrophe and the shock of the Syrian War appeared on the Face of  Imran the Syrian Child which he rescued after trapped by rubble under his home in Syria
Imran the Syrian child and his sister rescued after trapped by rubble under their home in Syria
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees created by IPO has an Anti-Mosquito Net
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees is also Water-Proof with an inflatable base